Hello, art lovers! 

I want to tell you about a dance project I'm very excited about, Bodies of Light at the Turrell Skyspace. It's a beautiful new performance that I'm creating with 8 brilliant dance artists and a talented design team. 

We're currently fundraising for the project, and it would mean so much to me if you would help bring this performance to life with any size donation that works for you & your budget.

There are some great thank you gifts included with donating--including dance prints, tickets to our preview party and even a private dinner with the cast!

Thank you for your help and your continued commitment to the arts in Houston.
Rebecca French


Recent Work
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"I cannot honestly remember the last time I left a performance, of any kind, filled with as much enthusiasm as I did leaving [The Rite of Summer.]"
- Abby Koenig, Houston Press

"BEETHOVEN RECNSTRCTD was a fresh take on a classic work..."
- thedancedish

"...WIRED is a happy mix of performance, humor, strength, and technology."
- Olivia Flores Alvarez, Houston Press

"...Stravinsky would have been proud for the bold reinvention of his work."
- Abby Koenig, Houston Press

"French is known for mixed-media collaborations that are often conceptual yet theatrical, her appreciation for and her connection to a wide-range of music [is] frequently in the foreground of her choreography."
- thedancedish